Bootloader Update

Cobalt Digital has released an essential bootloader update for the following products.

OpenGear Cards: 9501 / 9502 / 9902 / 9903 / 9922 / 9934 / 9940 / 9950 / 9960 / 9970 / 9978 / 9980 with or without DSP

BBG-1000 Series: 1002 / 1022 / 1034 / 1040 / 1050 / 1060 / 1070 / 1078 / 1080 with or without DSP

It has been reported that on occasion, startup/boot problems can occur with some cards and their BBG counterparts. A failure investigation has indicated that the boot sequence error can occur in certain circumstances.

This error is only encountered during boot or resets and is more likely to manifest itself after long periods of running and as the card ages.

New bootloader firmware has been developed to address this issue. All new Cobalt cards are being delivered with this firmware installed, and we recommend this upgrade on cards already in the field to avoid any recurrences of the startup/boot issue.

Below are detailed instructions for both cards and BBG units. We encourage you to read the instructions before downloading or installing the firmware. You must check the "I've read and accepted the instructions" box before the download link will appear.

For further information, please contact