9901-UDX 3G/HD/SD Up-Down-Cross Converter/Framesync/Audio Embed/De-Embed with Full-Feature Proc – I/O Support
  • 9901-UDX

The award-winning 3G/HD/SD-SDI Fusion3G® 9901-UDX card offers up/down/cross format conversion, frame sync, and advanced audio and ancillary data support, plus many other powerful features. Full audio support includes per-channel audio delay. Remote control is quick and easy with the free DashBoard™ remote control software or the Cobalt OGCP-9000 remote control panels.

You can select from options to add (as inputs and/or outputs) fiber, analog video, AES, and analog audio. This level of integration reduces module count and simplifies the signal chain, as well as providing flexibility for ever-changing requirements, including 3-D TV compliant 1080p. Options also include wings insertion, general purpose keying, color correction, Dolby® E/AC-3 encoding and decoding (with both decode and re-encode on the same card), ITU/ATSC/EBU compliant loudness metering, and Linear Acoustic® upmixing and loudness processing.

Alternate Base Model

  • 9901-UDX-HD    HD/SD Only model. All other features and specifications remain the same.