Cobalt 4K UHDTV Quadrant Combining Downconverters provide an easily integrated solution for converting 4K quadrant-division content into 3G/HD/SD-SDI. These downconverters precisely combine the four quadrant-divided individual SDI feeds into a combined SDI image directly suitable for broadcast production usage or monitoring purposes.

You can choose form factors from openGear card-based or standalone desktop/1RU mountable BBG-1000 Series units. 

4K UHD Up-Down-Cross Conversion / Frame Sync / Embedded Audio Proc

9904-UDX-4K12G/6G/3G/HD/SD UHD Up/Down/Cross Converter/Frame Sync/Embed/De-Embed Audio Processor

UHDTV Quadrant Combining Downconversion

9902-DC-4KQuad-Input 3G/HD UHD Broadcast Downconverter with Optional Frame Sync

Standalone UHDTV Quadrant Combining Downconversion

BBG-1002-DC-4KStandalone Quad-Input 3G/HD UHD Broadcast Downconverter with Optional Frame Sync

3G/HD/SD-SDI Video Distribution Amplifiers

9910DA-4Q-3G3G/HD/SD Quad-Channel Multi-Rate DA
9910DA-4Q-3G-RCKQuad-Channel Multi-Rate Reclocking DA