9921-FS 3G/HD/SD Frame Sync

The award-winning 3G/HD/SD Fusion3G® 9921-FS card offers frame sync, and advanced audio and ancillary data support, plus many other powerful features. Frame sync can select from multiple reference inputs, with failover to alternate selected sources. Full audio support includes per-channel audio delay. Remote control is quick and easy with the free DashBoard™ remote control software or the Cobalt OGCP-9000 remote control panels.

You can select from options to add (as inputs and/or outputs) fiber, analog video, AES and analog audio. Other options include wings insertion, general purpose keying, color correction, Dolby® E/AC-3 encoding and decoding (with both decode and re-encode on the same card), ITU/ATSC/EBU compliant loudness metering, and Linear Acoustic® upmixing and loudness processing.