9086 SD-SDI Embedded Audio Loudness Processor with Linear Acoustic® AEROMAX 2.0 Channel Loudness Processing
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The 9086-SD offers an economical unmatched ease of use and integration for SD-SDI embedded audio environments requiring stereo loudness processing. Featuring Linear Acoustic® AEROMAX™ technology, the 9086-SD offers stereo loudness processing for embedded audio on SD-SDI.  

The video protection feature uses the frame reference to ensure stable output in the presence of input errors, to protect MPEG encoders and other downstream equipment.

AEROMAX™ algorithms use a sophisticated multiband approach to loudness processing. These algorithms can apply multifaceted loudness correction specifically targeted to various frequency ranges and other characteristics within the program material, resulting in audio free from abrupt loudness or image shifts while preserving more of the original content than previously possible. Because the card processes audio loudness locally and in sync with the video, loudness is processed without the accumulated latency delay found in other loudness processors. A dual 2.0 loudness processing option allows independent loudness processing of two stereo pairs, and is perfectly suited for SD main/SAP programming.

Full user remote and card-edge proc control allows adjustment of audio parametric control and routing. With multiple selectable presets, several loudness processing profiles offer the best loudness processing solution for various types of program material.

9086-SD Embedded Audio Loudness Processor (SD-SDI; stereo loudness processor with optional additional second stereo loudness processor)

9086 Options

  • Dolby® Digital AC-3 Encoding (+ENCD)
  • Dolby® E Encoding (+ENCE)
  • Loudness Metering (+LM-C)
  • Linear Acoustic Upmixing (+UM)
  • LTC In/Out (+LTC)