Cobalt SCTE 104 Insertion and Processing Options

Cobalt Digital offers two new SCTE 104 digital program insertion and processing options for Cobalt openGear® cards and BBG-1000 Series stand-alone processors. The download here fully describes the Cobalt SCTE104 options available.

+SCTE104 and SCTE104-FAST are available for the following cards and associated stand-alone units:

• 9902-UDX, 9903-UDX, 9922-FS, 9922-2FS, 9932-EMDE, 9950-EMDE-ANC cards for openGear®

• BBG-1000 Series standalone models — BBG-1002-UDX, BBG-1003-UDX-ADDA, BBG-1022-FS, BBG-1022-2FS, BBG-1032-EMDE, BBG-1050-EMDE-ANC