Distribution Amplifiers

Downconverter/Distribution Amplifiers

9902-DC-4KQuad SDI/2SI-Input UHD Broadcast Downconverter with Optional Frame Sync
BBG-1002-DC-4KStandalone Quad SDI/2SI-Input UHD Broadcast Downconverter with Optional Frame Sync

Digital Video / ASI Distribution Amplifiers

90013G/HD/SD 1x9 Reclocking Distribution Amplifier
90023G/HD/SD 1x9 Distribution Amplifier (Non-Reclocking)
9003Dual-Channel 3G/HD/SD Reclocking Distribution Amplifier
9004Dual-Channel 3G/HD/SD Distribution Amplifier (Non-Reclocking)
9910DA-4Q-3G3G/HD/SD/ASI Quad-Channel Multi-Rate DA
9910DA-4Q-3G-RCK3G/HD/SD/ASI Quad-Channel Multi-Rate Reclocking DA
9415DA-SFP3G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Reconfigurable Video SFP Transceiver/Distribution Amplifier
9911DA-8-BPXDual-Input 3G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI 1x8 Distribution Amplifier
9915DA-1x16-12G12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI 1x16 Reclocking Distribution Amplifier
9915DA-4x16-XPT-12G12G/6G/3G/HD/SD Quad-Channel Multi-Rate Reclocking DA with x4 Output Crosspoint
9915DA-2x16-XPT-12G12G/6G/3G/HD/SD Dual-Channel Multi-Rate Reclocking DA with x4 Output Crosspoint
9910DA-2Q-3G-RCK3G/HD/SD/ASI Dual-Channel Multi-Rate Reclocking DA
9910DA-1Q-3G-RCK3G/HD/SD/ASI Single-Channel Multi-Rate Reclocking DA
9910DA-2Q-3G3G/HD/SD/ASI Dual-Channel Multi-Rate DA
9910DA-1Q-3G3G/HD/SD/ASI Single-Channel Multi-Rate DA (Non-Reclocking)

Throwdown SDI / ASI Distribution Amplifiers

BBG-DA-12G-1x612G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Reclocking Distribution Amplifier

MPEG-IP Distribution Amplifiers/Routers

9990-RTR-MPEG-IPStreaming IP (MPEG2-TS) Reclocking Distribution Amplifier and Router

AES / MADI Audio Distribution Amplifiers

92532x4 AES Audio Distribution Amplifier, 75 Ohms
92571x9 MADI Audio Distribution Amplifier
9913DA-AES75-RG75-Ohm (Unbalanced) AES Distribution Amplifier
9913DA-AES110-RG110-Ohm (Balanced) AES/EBU Distribution Amplifier

Analog Audio Distribution Amplifiers

9241Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier
9242Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier with Remote Gain Control

Audio Wordclock Distribution Amplifiers

9910DA-WCAudio Word Clock Distribution Amplifier

Analog Video Distribution Amplifiers

9231Analog Video Distribution Amplifier
9910DA-AV-EQAnalog Video Distribution Amplifier with EQ
9910DA-AVAnalog Video Distribution Amplifier