Frame Configurations

Cobalt Digital’s Frame Configurator Tool allows you to configure one of our 20-slot OG3-FR or HPF-9000 openGear Frames based on your broadcast needs. Explore the multitude of options available and find the right configuration for you.

Begin by selecting either the OG3-FR or HPF-9000 openGear frame along with any applicable frame requirements. Once you’ve done so, select the specific product(s) and subcategory that fits your application. Next, choose the appropriate card/rear module combination. Then simply drag and drop the rear module schematic onto the frame display. Repeat these steps to get the overall frame configuration you desire.

Before exiting the page, click the "Save PDF" button to save a pdf of your configuration for future reference. If you’d like to learn more about your configuration, choose “Request Quotation” to forward your setup directly to our sales team, and we’ll be in touch.

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