Remote Control Panels and Software

As a member of the openGear® consortium, all Cobalt openGear cards can be monitored and controlled using DashBoard™ - the free download works with Windows®, Mac®, or Linux®.

DashBoard™ allows users to view all frames on a network with control and monitoring for all populated slots inside a frame. This simplifies the setup of numerous modules in a large installation and offers the ability to centralize monitoring. In addition to extensive control and monitoring capabilities with its intuitive GUI, DashBoard™ allows for easily performed card software updates.

Built off of the DashBoard base, our award-winning OGCP-9000 and OGCP-9000/CC Remote Control Panels offer instantaneous, real-time adjustments, so operators can manipulate on-air signals with confidence and precision.

Our recently introduced WAVE Series of control panels complement our WAVE series 12G SDI routers. These control panels offer features not found in other products.

Remote Control Panels

OGCP-9000Remote Control Panel
OGCP-9000/CCColor Corrector Remote Control Panel
COBALT WAVE Control Series CP-84L 2U Remote Control Panel
COBALT WAVE Control Series CP-78 2U Remote Control Panel
WAVE CP-42L1U Remote Control Panel - Available Q2 2024
WAVE Control Series CP-441U Remote Control Panel - Available Q2 2024

Remote Control Software

DashBoard™Remote Control and Monitoring Software
WinOGCPDesktop Virtual Control Panel