Remote Control Software and Panels

As a member of the openGear® consortium, all Cobalt openGear cards can be monitored and controlled using DashBoard™ - the free download works with Windows®, Mac®, or Linux®.

DashBoard™ allows users to view all frames on a network with control and monitoring for all populated slots inside a frame. This simplifies the setup of numerous modules in a large installation and offers the ability to centralize monitoring. In addition to extensive control and monitoring capabilities with its intuitive GUI, DashBoard™ allows for easily performed card software updates.

Built off of the DashBoard base, our award-winning OGCP-9000 and OGCP-9000/CC Remote Control Panels offer instantaneous, real-time adjustments, so operators can manipulate on-air signals with confidence and precision.

Remote Control Panels

OGCP-9000Remote Control Panel
OGCP-9000/CCColor Corrector Remote Control Panel

Remote Control Software

DashBoard™Remote Control and Monitoring Software
WinOGCPDesktop Virtual Control Panel