Product Literature

2024 Product Brief

The 2024 Product Brief features our all-new SMPTE ST 2110 BI-Directional 4 Channel Gateway, the INDIGO OG-2110-BIDI4-GATEWAY. The INDIGO OG-2110-BIDI4-GATEWAY is a powerful on and off ramp to and from IP/SDI. We're also featuring a new line of high-density 12G DANTE embed/de-embed cards, the ARIA OG-AUD4-DANTE (4 X 12G-SDI Inputs/Outputs) and the ARIA OG-AUD2-DANTE (2 X 12G-SDI Inputs/Outputs). And don't miss the SAPPHIRE BBG-2110-2H 12G mini-converter. This mini-converter mounts behind monitors with ease and addresses the need to display received Baseband or JPEG-XS (optional license) content on HDMI monitors in a simple and cost-effective way.

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Blue Box Group™ Overview

Delivering excellent performance and a small footprint, Blue Box low-cost modular boxes provide 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, and analog conversions with audio embed/de-embed, as well as models offering coax/fiber conversions. Designed to attach securely to associated equipment, the Blue Box Group provides for a more physically secure and dependable installation than other interface boxes. The BBG–Config USB Setup and Monitoring Software provides an intuitive GUI for setup and monitoring of the latest Blue Box throwdown converters. Blue Box Group™ modular, throw-down units provide quality, economical solutions in a small package.

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Fiber Optic Transport

Cobalt’s Fiber Optic Transport brochure showcases our extensive line of fiber products including converters, mux/demux, processors and compact fiber/HDMI converters available as an openGear® card, standalone, and compact throwdown form factors.

PDF icon Fiber Optic Transport Brochure

The Ultimate openGear Applications Guide 2024

openGear® is the industry-standard platform of choice for modular signal processing. As the world’s first modular infrastructure platform open to any manufacturer, openGear provides solutions derived from hundreds of individual cards from dozens of companies. Cobalt’s applications include:

  • Dynamic Network-Side Ad Insertion with Monitoring
  • Native HDR Processing in ST 2110
  • High Density Audio/Video Processing with DANTE
  • Local/Remote Routing/Head-End Management Solution
  • Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST)
PDF icon openGear Ultimate Applications Guide 2024 - rev Jan24.pdf

The Ultimate openGear Applications Guide 2023

openGear® is the industry-standard platform of choice for modular signal processing. This cooperative effort gives users best-of-breed product and budget options, all while ensuring common control and monitoring with the DashBoard control system for the openGear ecosystem. Cobalt’s applications include:

  • End-to-End HDR Workflow
  • High Density Baseband Audio/Video Processing, and more.
PDF icon openGear Ultimate Applications Guide 2023