Master Control

Multiviewers and Monitoring

9970-QS-MC3G/HD/SD-SDI/CVBS Expandable Master Control Multiviewer

SDI / ASI / MADI Routers

9941-RTR12G / 3G / HD / SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Routers

SDI / ASI Bypass - Failover

9004Dual-Channel 3G/HD/SD Distribution Amplifier (Non-Reclocking)
91213G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI Redundancy Switch
9940-ACO3G/HD/SD-SDI Multi-Input Intelligent Auto-Changeover Switch
BBG-1040-ACO3G/HD-SD-SDI Multi-Input Intelligent Auto-Changeover Switch
9940-4x1-CS3G/HD/SD-SDI 4x1 Clean and Quiet Bypass Router
BBG-1040-4x1-CS3G/HD/SD-SDI Standalone 4x1 Clean and Quiet Bypass Router
+T-SLATETrouble Slate Import Software Option

Keying and Branding

+KEYERKeyer Software Option
9902-UDX-DSP-CI3G/HD/SD-SDI/CVBS Channel Integrator — UDX/Frame Sync
9923-DSK-LG3G/HD/SD-SDI Downstream Keyer
BBG-1023-DSK-LG3G/HD/SD-SDI Standalone Downstream Keyer
+LOGOLogo Insertion Software Option