MADI Conversion / Transport

Cobalt SDI – AES – MADI Embedder/De-embedders offer a comprehensive solution for digital audio transport conversion and embedding/de-embedding. A full unrestricted audio crosspoint provides channel routing between any channels on up to four SDI streams, discrete AES-3id, and AES-10 MADI interfaces. 

SDI – AES – MADI Embedder / De-embedders

9371-EMDESDI – AES – MADI Embedder/De-embedder
9372-EMDEDual-Stream SDI – AES – MADI Embedder/De-embedder
9374-EMDEQuad-Stream SDI – AES – MADI Embedder/De-embedder

MADI Distribution Amplifiers

92571x9 MADI Audio Distribution Amplifier

MADI / Fiber Transmit / Receive Distribution Amplifiers / Routers

9400-EO-CWDM Series4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI EO CWDM Transmitters
9400-EO-CWDML Series4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI EO CWDM Transmitters
9401-EO4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI Single-Channel 1310 nm Fiber Optic Transmitter
9402-EO4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI Dual-Channel 1310 nm Fiber Optic Transmitter
9403-EO4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI Triple-Channel 1310 nm Fiber Optic Transmitter
9404-EO4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI Quad-Channel Fiber Optic Transmitters
9410-OE-CWDM Series4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI OE CWDM Receivers
9410-OE-CWDML Series4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI OE CWDM Receivers
9411-OE4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI Single-Channel Fiber Optic Receiver
9412-OE4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI Dual-Channel Fiber Optic Receiver
9413-OE4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI Triple-Channel Fiber Optic Receiver
9414-OE4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI Quad-Channel Fiber Optic Receivers

Compact Throwdown MADI / Fiber Transmit / Receive

BBG-2EO-MK23G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Fiber Optic Dual Transport Transmitter
BBG-2OE-MK23G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Fiber Optic Dual Transport Receiver
BBG-EO-MK23G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Fiber Optic Transport Transmitter
BBG-EOOE-MK23G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Fiber Optic Transport Transceiver
BBG-OE-MK23G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Fiber Optic Transport Receiver
BBG-OEO3G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Fiber Optic Transport Regenerator
BBG-SFP-SXH3G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI Reconfigurable Video SFP Transceiver