Frames and Accessories

Our openGear-compatible frames support the latest 20 card-per-frame capacity, with models offering the highest user-available power for a 20-slot frame. Configure your frame, cards, and rear I/O using Cobalt's all new Frame Configurator tool.

20-Slot Frames

HPF-9000High-Power 20-Slot openGear® Compatible Frame
oGx20-Slot openGear® Frame
HPF-9500High-Power 20-Slot openGear® Compatible Frame

Frame-Installed Computers

OG-PC-x86-AIntegral Frame-Installed PC for openGear® Frames

Power Supplies and Accessories

PS-9000Extra (redundant) Power Supply (HPF-9000 & HPF-9500 Frame)
9000-FSBFrame Support Bracket Kit (HPF-9000 & HPF-9500 Frame)
PS-oGxExtra (redundant) Power Supply (oGx Frame)

1RU Card Enclosure Frames

BBG-1300-FR1RU Enclosure for openGear® Cards

BBG-1000 1RU Mounting Tray

BBG-1000-TRAY1RU Mounting Tray For Standalone BBG-1000 Units