Synchronized Multi-Stream Transport Using RIST

By Ciro A. Noronha, Ph.D.

Many broadcast contribution applications require synchronized content decoding. In such applications, there are several video sources (typically cameras), whose content needs to be transported using encoders to an equivalent number of remote decoders. At the decoders, the playback needs to be synchronized – frames that arrive together in the encoders are required to come out together in the decoders. Typical applications are sports and worship, where multiple camera angles are generated and need to be played in lockstep. There are a few products available today in the market that provide such a functionality over IP, using proprietary protocols. The Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) Activity Group is completing the work on TR-06-4 Part 1, which provides an open industry specification for providing synchronized multi-stream transport.

This paper provides a technical description of the methods in the Specification, as well as some actual field performance data.