9061/9062 Converters Chosen for New Sure Shot Transmissions HD Truck

Cobalt Digital is pleased to announce that Sure Shot Transmissions has selected the COMPASS™ 9061 and 9062 cards for use in their new forty foot straight, eight camera HD production truck.

Named "Natalie Michele,” the new truck will have up to eight Grass Valley LDK8000 HD cameras and an expando production area.

Sure Shot Transmissions Chief Engineer Tim Dailey noted that “the Cobalt 9061/9062 were selected for their quality and flexibility, offering first class up, down and cross conversion as well as frame sync with audio tracking delay capabilities. The cards are being used for split feed frame sync needs, and all other HD-SD/SDI conversion requirements within the truck.”

“The added ability of audio and video proc controls, audio embed/de-embed, audio channel mapping, aspect ratio conversion, all combined with the intuitive DashBoard remote control and monitoring made these cards ideal for the mobile truck environment. The 9061/9062 enable incorporation of analog and SD digital signal into the Grass Valley Kalypso switcher and graphics into the SD platform, ” Dailey added.

The “Natalie Michele” HD truck will be used for Major League baseball, PGA in Augusta, college basketball, professional ice hockey, and NFL events. Clients will include U.S. and international broadcasters, including NRK and ESPN. In order to meet such a variety of needs, it is critical that the up/down/cross conversion cards can handle all flavors of known HD/SD-SDI.

“We are pleased to add Sure Shot Transmissions to the growing number of broadcasters and mobile production companies who are now using the award-winning 9000 Compass™ series in the critical transmission path,” said Chris Shaw, Director of Sales for Cobalt Digital. “The use of these products displays the confidence that end-users have in the quality and reliability of the 9000 series under varied testing circumstances.”

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