Cobalt Digital’s Ciro Noronha to Address Affordable HDR Broadcasting Through SL-HDR1 at VidTrans18

— Cobalt Digital today announced that its director of technology, Ciro Noronha, will present a technical paper at VidTrans18 titled “How SL-HDR1 Metadata Will Make Affordable (or Cost-Efficient) HDR Broadcasting a Reality Sooner Than Later.” The 30-minute presentation will begin at 3 p.m. on Feb. 28 in the Bayview Ballroom at the Marina del Rey Marriott in Marina del Rey, California.

Noronha, who holds a doctorate in electrical engineering from Stanford University, will explore the tools and techniques designed to assist both content producers and distributors in rolling out high dynamic range (HDR) content, with a focus on SL-HDR1.

“HDR video can greatly improve the viewer experience, so it is something worth doing. As the technology rolls out, not all consumers will have it, so service providers will have to support both groups, ideally in a cost-effective way and without video quality degradation. SL-HDR1 is one of many solutions to this problem, and it has clear advantages over the others,” Noronha said. “Broadcasters who are planning to deploy HDR in their networks will greatly benefit from this presentation. It will touch on all the available technologies, how they interrelate, and how to select the best one for deployment.”

Attendees will learn that it’s possible to support a mix of HDR and non-HDR viewers today using standard technologies (i.e., nothing proprietary), and that standards-based solutions are cost-effective and compatible with current delivery infrastructures without the need for upgrades. The session will also explore how SL-HDR1 technology can be used to enable new business models, such as a base service with solid quality and a premium service with superior quality. Noronha will explore some of the technologies in use and will include real-world examples.

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