TV Technology Review: 9821 HD/SD Downconverter with SD Pass Through and Analog Outputs

Cobalt Digital 9821 HD/SD openGear™

By Michael Hanish

"Cobalt Digital's 9821 downconverter is a very flexible and high performing addition to their series of openGear™ based tools, a card that provides a 10-bit, oversampled video signal path for downconversion, user processing controls, aspect ration conversion with pan, reclocked SDI passthrough and configurable SDI or analog composite outputs. The 9821, as well as six other (as of this writing) Cobalt Digital conversion cards, resides in the openGear™ modular 2 RU frame, designed by Ross Video to host up to 10 openGear™-compliant cards.

Editor's Note: Cobalt Digital reports that additional functionality has been added to the 9821 after the review took place. This includes the ability to pass through closed captioning information, timecode and embedded audio. Also, current models can be monitored and remotely configured via the free DASHBOARD software application for the openGear™ platform."

Read the full article here (pdf).

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