BBG-1000 Series

Compact and convenient, the BBG-1000 Series of desktop stand-alone products offer the same industry leading performance as Cobalt Digital’s latest-generation openGear cards but in a portable and easy to deploy package.

BBG-1000 units can be used as basic desktop units, or up to three units can be racked together as a 1RU group for rack mounting using the optional accessory BBG-1000-TRAY mounting tray.

An integrated LCD front control panel provides setup and local control while remote monitoring and control options include an intuitive HTML5 Web Browser User Interface and/or the DashBoard management system.

Products available in the BBG-1000 Series include Multiviewers, Auto Change-Overs, Clean and Quiet Routers, Up/Down/Cross Converters, Dual Frame Syncs, Color Correctors, Test Generators, MPEG Codecs, and Ancillary Data Management and Monitoring.