Cobalt Digital Heads Home from NAB 2022 With Four More Awards

Make room in the trophy cabinet. Turning 25 isn’t the only thing Cobalt celebrated this NAB. The designer and manufacturer of edge devices for live video production and master control, and a founding partner in the openGear® initiative, added four more awards to its collection, bringing the grand total to 40 accolades and achievements the Company has earned over a quarter of a century.  

“We won our very first award in 1997, the same year the company was established, and we haven’t rested since,” said Gene Zimmerman, Cobalt's President and CEO. “Since day 1, Cobalt has been on a mission to respond to customer requests with affordable and reliable products and provide the industry with innovative solutions that drive progress forward and align with an evolving market. We were already celebrating our silver anniversary at NAB, but these awards really made it a very special show and validates our philosophy that our success is a result of our customers success.”

The same two+ year pandemic that threatened to shutter business as we knew it drove the media and entertainment industry to adapt to remote production, OTT and cloud solutions faster, and Cobalt responded by incorporating practical, reliable and affordable functionalities into its platform to support these technologies. At NAB, these solutions were recognized for their innovation and potential as broadcasters and content owners quickly shift to meet and address the challenges presented by a dramatically evolving landscape.

Cobalt’s Compression Line (9992-ENC and 9992-DEC products) was a double winner in the 2022 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards, the official awards program of NAB that recognizes the most significant and promising new products and technologies showcased at the NAB Show. NAB Show Product of the Year Award Winners were selected by a panel of industry experts in 15 categories The compression series was recognized in the Remote Production category as the industry’s first synchronized multi-stream decoding solution with RIST capability. RIST, which stands for Reliable Internet Stream Transport, is an open-source, open-specification transport protocol that allows the use of the Internet as a cost-effective, reliable, high-quality and low-latency contribution link. The compression series was also honored in the IT Networking/Infrastructure & Security category for its ability to offer multi-link RIST in seamless switching mode. 

Cobalt also took home two awards from Future brands. The Future awards are judged by a panel of industry experts and recognize those outstanding products and solutions that exhibited innovation, an advanced feature set, cost efficiency, ease-of-use, capabilities and performance in serving the industry. 

Cobalt’s multi-link video transport solution that uses RIST and is powered by its 9992-ENC encoder and 9992-DEC decoder was named Best of Show by Next TV, and its 9904-UDX-4K with +HDR-TCHCLR-4K real-time intelligent HDR conversion powered by ‘Advanced by Technicolor’ received the same honor from its sister publication – TVB Europe. According to the editorial team at Future those that won at this year’s show were truly outstanding and impressed the judges as all entries received were of a high-level.