Quality/Confidence Monitoring

From SDI monitoring to MPEG transport based monitoring, Cobalt's extensive array of QC products and features can monitor for closed captioning and other packetized ancillary data presence, video defects (such as frozen/black frame) and audio absence.

Option +QC (available on numerous Cobalt cards and standalones) monitors for multiple quality criteria and can integrate these status checks with automation systems via GPO and serial communication, as well as provide automated e-mail alerts and device processing changes/routing using user presets. 

Transport Stream Compliance Monitoring (with Closed Captioning presence/content display)

SpotCheck® monitors an IP, ASI, or a transmitted over-the-air MPEG stream at the transmit (emission) encode point. With option QUALITYCHECK, the presence of CEA708/608 closed-captioning (as well as the string content text) is detected, with Alert Manager sending these alerts to your designated personnel as simple e-mails.


+QC Quality Check Option (with CC absence/presence check)

+QC Quality Check option provides alerts or automated actions upon black/frozen frame, audio silence, CC absence and other conditions.

– This option is available on the following products -

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