Text-to-Speech / EAS Automation

Cobalt Digital +TTS is a complete 21CVAA text-to-speech generation / audio insertion solution for embedded or discrete audio systems. +TTS is a software option available for many Cobalt card models using the 20-slot openGear® frame architecture (and available for our BBG-1000 Series standalone desktop units). Platforms utilizing existing openGear® infrastructure can be 21CVAA-ready with only an easily incorporated option feature upload to the card. For platforms not utilizing an existing openGear® infrastructure, most of our BBG-1000 Series standalone units are available with option +TTS, offering a compact rack-mounted 1RU solution easily integrated into the broadcast workflow.

+TTS interfaces with industry standard Windows Share folder systems to receive non-proprietary text, XML, or similar plain text files, and converts and inserts realistic human-voice audio into user-configured audio channels (typically an SAP channel pair intended for this playout). +TTS allows for prioritization based on the organization's discretion (for example, severe weather alerts out-prioritizing school closings). Alert tones are ducked in on the main program channel to alert the visually impaired that emergency content is to occur on the SAP channel. Alerts can be played a configurable number of times, and alerts with higher priority can interrupt current lists for breaking news. Once the interrupt message is broadcast, +TTS automatically reverts to normal audio programming. Compatible Cobalt cards and modulars offer the synergy of also providing keyed text scrolls when used in conjunction with option +KEYER.


  • Integrated, self-contained single-device system – no added dedicated units or baseband audio patches
  • No proprietary interfaces or API’s – queries and connects with industry standard Windows Share folders – fully automatic
  • Easy to configure IP-based folder queries with conversion from plain ASCII text or XML tags
  • Built-in user-definable dictionary to substitute plain phonetic spelling for hard-to-decipher words and proper noun phonetic emphasis
  • User-configurable folder prioritization allows higher-priority alerts to preempt lower alerts, with queued resumption of lower alert upon end of higher alert
  • English-language speech engine standard. Additional option +2L-SPAN adds Spanish-language playout.
  • Playout triggering from watched folder activity (new file) or GPI. Card GPO can be used to integrate with other devices and systems.

Text-To-Speech Generation

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