At the 2015 NAB Show, Cobalt Digital will highlight 27 advancements in processing and convergence products across three of its primary product platforms — the openGear®-compatible 2-RU high-capacity Modular Terminal Gear System, the Blue Box Group™ BBG-1000 line of 1-RU rack-mountable stand-alone systems, and the original Blue Box Group series of miniature throwdown converters. In various combinations, these products formulate many solutions required by broadcasters and content producers every day.


See how CSP is using the new 9970-QS 3G/HD-SD-SDI/CVBS Quint-Split Multi-Image Display Processor and color correction synergies (including color correction cards, +COLOR option for UDX scaler cards, and purpose-designed color corrector remote control panels) for its production truck fleet.


"One of the reasons we were so attracted to Cobalt's cards is that they incorporate the award-wining Linear Acoustic Aeromax algorithm in a space-saving modular card that integrates with our terminal gear. The cards offer the same functionality that traditionally required gear occupying up to five RUs."


Cobalt Digital was awarded “Best of Show” at IBC 2014 for the 9970-QS Quint Split openGear® card. The 9970-QS is a five screen video processor/multi-viewer, with UMD, Tally, Source ID, Timecode, Scaling and up to 16 channels of audio metering. At IBC, Cobalt displayed the ability to cascade several cards therefore providing multiple PiP muxing. Possible to install up to twenty cards in a single HPF-9000 openGear® frame.


Cobalt Digital Signal Processing and Conversion Gear Installed in Network’s New HD Studio


Quint-Split Multi-Image Display Tops the List of 13 Additions to Already Robust Product Ranges


The French Open winds down this weekend and with it Cobalt Digital’s role as a key provider of 3Gbps-capable openGear digital processing and distribution equipment for VER (Video Equipment Rentals), the provider of production facilities for the U.S. broadcasters on site at Rolland Garros in Paris.


Cobalt Digital a manufacturer of award-winning 3G/HD/SD-SDI conversion gear, has promoted Jesse Foster to Product Manager in addition to his current responsibilities as Western Area Sales Manager.  Bob McAlpine, svp of North America sales, announced Foster’s appointment today from headquarters in Urbana, IL.