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Cobalt Digital +TTS – An Integrated Solution For 21CVAA Text-to-Speech Generation and Audio insertion

The Cobalt Digital +TTS option is a complete 21CVAA text-to-speech solution comprising an Integrated, self-contained single-device system with no added dedicated units or baseband audio patches. Its sophisticated text-to-speech synthesis provides realistic male or female-versed voice conversion within a single unit and without any baseband intermediate breakouts or patches between the audio module and the host device.



PDF icon Text-To-Speech Option +TTS Overview

Multiviewer Layouts Using the 9970-QS Cascade Mode

See more about using a cascaded chain of 9970-QS Series 3G/HD/SD-SDI/CVBS Quint-Split (5) Multi-Image Display Processor with Advanced On-Screen Graphics models to set up multiviewers of up to 64:1 muxing.


PDF icon Multiviewer Layouts Using the 9970-QS Cascade Mode

Unified Color Correction for On-Set Monitor Wall

Using the OGCP-9000/CC Color-Correction Remote Control Panel and color corrector cards from Cobalt provides a unified, consistent color balance across multi-display virtual backdrops, perfectly tailored for the colorimetry characteristics of the camera(s) being used.


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How CALM Affects You

Essentials about CALM loundess compliance, including loudness target, dialnorm, "Safe Harbor", and loudness records requirements.


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SpotCheck: High Confidence Loudness and Signal Monitoring

The Situation:

The age of loudness compliance is upon us, with governments around the world adopting variations of ITU-R BS.1770-3 standard for all terrestrial broadcast, cable television, direct-broadcast satellite and IPTV programs. What this means for the broadcast/content provider is that loudness compliance now has the force of law behind it, making accurate logging of all disseminated...


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