New Converters Inaugurated at Yankees/Mariner's Game and Home Run Derby

Cobalt Digital’s new Fusion3G™ converters were on board NEP Productions’ two 3D production trucks as they provided coverage for MLB’s historic first 3D broadcasts. 

The 9901-UDX 3Gig HD/SD-SDI up/down/cross converters were integrated into the mobile units as a universal tool to convert, frame sync and color correct incoming and outgoing feeds between formats, including upconverting to 1080p.


Cobalt Digital Inc. will display the new 9085 Loudness Processor with Embedding/De-Embedding at the NAB 2010 show in Las Vegas, NV, April 12-15. The card features Linear Acoustic AEROMAX™ loudness processing technology, introducing the first loudness processor for the openGear™ platform.


Cobalt Digital Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of 3G fiber optic cards to its COMPASS™ 9000 series for the 20-slot openGear™ frame. The product lineup now includes fiber receivers, fiber transmitters, and fiber audio embedders/de-embedders, offering customers 40 E/O and O/E conversions in a single 2RU frame.


Cobalt Digital Inc. will launch a new line of 3G converters for openGear™ at the NAB 2010 show in Las Vegas, NV. The Fusion3G™ 9900 series provides an unprecedented level of support — with 3G/HD/SD-SDI, fiber, analog video, as well as embedded, AES and analog audio proc and embed/de-embed — all on the same module.


By Gary Snyder, Clark Media

"We recently provided one of our high-definition multicamera packages to the MLB Network for the World Series games at Yankee Stadium. Our main system cube provided routing and fiber delivery of all of their signals back to the MLB Network's New Jersey location.  Space was at a premium and it was a real advantage to be able to pack 80 HD-SDI 1x4 DA's into 8 RU.


By Joey Gill, Chief Engineer at WPSD


By George Hoover, NEP

"One of the more recent challenges we faced was a fast-track program for upgrading two studios to high-definition operations in connection with the production of the Colbert Report and the Daily Show. Both shows had to stay in production in SD during the HD upgrade.



With disgruntled viewers at home and in Congress, the pressure is rising for broadcasters to resolve inconsistent audio loudness and meet ATSC A/85 standards. Step one of the solution is clear: stations need accurate, intelligent measurement of loudness levels.


Cobalt Digital Inc. is joining up with MediaCorp at the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) 2009 conference in Singapore. As Host Broadcaster of the event, MediaCorp will build the International Broadcast Centre, which will include the operation of broadcast quality cameras, a live video and audio feed distribution system, and master control room.


The OPT-SW-LP option from Cobalt provides convenient, high-quality ‘loudness processing’ for a range of 9000 series COMPASS™ cards.

Today’s broadcasters work with content from a wide variation of sources and other stations, requiring the ability to manage differences in loudness from program to program. Cobalt Digital and Linear Acoustic® have teamed up to provide a solution to be made available within a number of Cobalt’s 9000 series COMPASS™ cards for the openGear™ format.