Cobalt Digital announced today the release of the new OGCP-9000 Remote Control Panel. Designed to control and configure Cobalt's 9000 series of cards for the openGear frame, the OGCP-9000 and the OGCP-9000/CC install in standard equipment racks and are 2 RU high.


Cobalt Digital Inc. is pleased to announce the promotions of two Cobalt directors to the positions of Vice-President. The company has named Kevin Moore as the new Vice President of Engineering, and Chris Shaw as the new Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

“We are delighted to have Kevin and Chris at the helm in Engineering & Sales. Both have been instrumental in guiding Cobalt’s expansion, and we look forward to their roles in the company’s future,” said Gene Zimmerman, President of Cobalt Digital.


Sure Shot Picks Cobalt Digital

By Kory L. Loy, Sure Shot Engineer

"With the 9061 converter, we can handle almost all signals sent to us with complete confidence. The cards accept composite and component analog video, along with SD and HD SDI. On the audio side of things, they accommodate eight-channel analog and 16-channel AES sources, along with embedded formats. The cards give us the ability to embed and de-embed digital audio with level control and channel mapping capability.


Cobalt Digital is pleased to announce the release of the new 9084 HD/SD-SDI RGB Color Corrector. Designed for installation into the flexible openGear™ frame, the 9084 will be available for demonstration during the NAB 2008 show in Las Vegas (Cobalt Digital Booth N2819, North Hall).


Cobalt Digital, a leading designer and manufacturer of analog-to-digital converters, is pleased to announce that NEP has selected Cobalt Digital equipment for the new WWE mobile production vehicle for conversion and distribution of signals.


Cobalt Digital is pleased to announce that Sure Shot Transmissions has selected the COMPASS™ 9061 and 9062 cards for use in their new forty foot straight, eight camera HD production truck.

Named "Natalie Michele,” the new truck will have up to eight Grass Valley LDK8000 HD cameras and an expando production area.


Cobalt Digital 9821 HD/SD openGear™

By Michael Hanish


As of September 10, 2007, Cobalt Digital Inc. will no longer be shipping model 4010.